Taste the Sun
Elli & Manos
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Ellli & Manos is a brand committed to creating Natural, Unique, Fresh, Exciting, Award Winning Mediterranean inspired fine foods of the Highest Quality.


We aim to :

Create foods that differ; flavour combinations that impress


Offer Fine Foods for all to enjoy & share with family & friends friends


Produce incredibly versatile foods, so eveyone can enjoy as is or create fabulous dishes easliy & quickly


Offer you a Taste of the Sun of the Mediterranean


Through our Mediterranean roots we have been brought up to believe,  as all Mediterraneans believe,  that food in the centre point of our way of life, hence of ultimate importance & that no meal should be wasted. Food should be prepared with care & love and with respect,  like the way we produce our products & to grace the table as part of a sunny  & memorable experience.